The Categories Game Premium

Can you name a Country starting with “G”? Try to guess a Famous Actor starting with “V”.

Play The Categories Game, the best
word based game ever made.

Explore 35+ categories and have an addictive experience!

Challenge your friends, earn coins, buy new categories.

You will have to memorize the already written
words, as they can’t be repeated in the same category!

Having difficulty thinking on a word? You can use the Help button and we will answer for you.

Learn new words and meanings while playing this funny game.

Connect with Facebook to find and play with your
friends, or just ask us to choose your opponents!

With the FREE Version you will be able to play with: Fruits, Vegetables, Capitals, Countries, Human Body Parts, Candies, States, Basketball Teams, Basketball Players, Tennis Players, Animated Series, TV Shows, Car Brands, Airlines, USA Universities, Chemical elements and Colors!!

With the Premium version you will be able to play with:

** No ADs!
** 20 NEW Categories!!

PREMIUM CATEGORIES: Football Teams, Mountains, UFC Fighters, Biblical Names, Golf Players, Swimmers, F1 Pilots, Famous Actors, Famous Actresses, Movies, Directors, Oscar Nominee Actors, Oscar Nominee Actresses, Singers, Bands, Banks, Landmarks, Professions, Constellations, Diseases.

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