The Case of the Mystery Vault

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Super fun &#9733&#9733&#9733&#9733&#9733
by zguillo (Version 1.5 – 16 November 2011 US App Store)
I really enjoy playing this game. The graphics are awesome…

AMAZING COMPANY &#9733&#9733&#9733&#9733&#9733
 by CPRCSS (Version 1.5 – 15 November 2011 US App Store)
GameTapStudios is truly an amazing company…

In The Case of the Missing Billionaire Uncle, your long lost Uncle goes missing shortly after returning from a classified archeological dig…you are contacted by Julia, his trusted assistant, who persuasively enlists your help to secretly find him.

In this case, The Case of the Mystery Vault, you gather clues, locate hidden objects, and solve puzzles in order to find the Vault and if you’re clever 5 Covington Crest Keys.

Once you find each Key you keep it and can use it throughout the entire 8 game GameTapStudios’ Billionaire Mysteries series. These special keys unlock secret passages, disclose easter egg locations, hints, special clues, mysteries and puzzles hidden throughout the GameTapStudios’ Billionaire Mysteries game series.

While keys can be obtained in The Case of the Missing Billionaire Uncle game, this mini puzzler is a fast way to try to obtain all 5 keys as well as a great introduction and add-on to Billionaire Mysteries games.

Come on, give it a try, enjoy the puzzles, find the hidden objects, grab the keys, then go unlock your access to the special levels that aide you in The Case of the Missing Billionaire Uncle and the entire Billionaire Mystery series.

Time is running short…No one can learn that your Billionaire Uncle has vanished…especially not with the secrets he’s carrying.

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