The Case of the aMazing Mystery

After solving the clues in The Case of the Missing Billionaire Uncle that lead to a fantastic mystery millennia in the making, you have remained puzzled about the artifact’s origins, it’s purpose, and it’s implications to History. Your Billionaire Uncle, Bryce Covington, is onto something, something big, something fascinating, and he definitely needs your help to gather and fit the clues together.

In The Quest in Antiquity, you located the first of eight pieces of a very ancient and mysterious puzzle and in The Case of the Puzzling Mystery you obtained the items you need to ensure your success. In The Case of the aMazing Mystery, it’s time to continue your travels by seaplane, dense jungle river boat, rickety blimp, or by whatever means are available to follow the clues wherever they lead, and obtain the second puzzle piece that will help your Uncle unravel this ancient and perplexing mystery.

Be the first in centuries to unlock the hidden secrets of our past, before others bent on destroying every clue find them first. There are those intent on forever keeping these revelations buried…hidden…lost in antiquity.

*** NOTES: Bonus Game Items and Crests found in Game4: are sync’d via iCloud with Game2: and Game3:. Similarly to The Case of the Missing Billionaire Uncle, finding 50 Crests total from any of these games (Game2:, Game3: Game4:) are combined together and unlock the Secret Level hidden within each of the three games. ***

Partner in Hope: GameTapStudios is dedicating to helping St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital’s mission in “finding cures and saving children”.

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