The Bunny Games: A Modern War

OMG! The Easter Bunny is here and he is angry! Someone, or something, has stolen all this years supply of easter eggs! And the Easter Bunny thinks he knows who did it – and where to find the eggs at!

Peter Cottontail is a conspiracy theorist who thinks he is the lone target of a international conspiracy to remove him from his holiday job! But who is responsible?

The Easter Bunny thinks it is the hosts of those holidays closest to him – like Mardi Gras, Valentine’s Day and even St. Patty’s Day! And now he’s mad and ready to get his eggs back!

So, he’s been training hard and figuring out exactly what he needs to do to get those eggs back in time for this years Easter holiday. And he has a plan – will you help him and his two pals, Honey Bunny and Thumper, get all the eggs back in time for the Easter Egg Hunt?

Here’s all you have to do:

• Guide Peter Cottontail and his friends through the midst of this magic land and collect as many Easter eggs and points as possible.

• Don’t touch any enemies and you’ll be safe. (And if you happen to shoot a few Easter Bunny impostors along the way, so be it!)

Have fun collecting Easter eggs and fighting the good fight. You can even battle with your friends to see who gets the highest score. The Bunny Games: A Modern War is addictive holiday fun for the whole family!

So download NOW and start having fun!!!

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