The Bombsquad Lite

Welcome to the Bombsquad!
Now you can test your skills and intelligence by facing the challenge of defusing different kinds of bombs and improvised explosive devices (IEDs). You have five professional tolls available:

– wire cutters
– electric screwdriver
– jumper wire
– voltmeter
– radio jammer

You have to be very careful. Think before you make a move. The bombs are designed by experienced terrorists and you have to defuse them all! Save lives and fight against terrorism now! Do not let them win!

For maximum realism the bombs in this game are created with great details using state of the art 3D rendering techniques.

The game consists of 12 levels of different difficulty. Each level has time limit, which you don’t want to exceed. Note that there are 3 types of bomb detonation- timer, remote and combined detonation.
You can look around the bombs using swipe gestures, cut different wires, open lids and enclosures (using screwdriver tool), shorten wires, measure voltage and jam different radio frequencies.

Good luck!

Lite version limitation:
You can play only the first 4 levels.

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