The Big Little Quest

In this first episode, our hero Axel has returned home after a few weeks away working on board ship and is horrified to find out his older sister, Alice, is missing. Rumours are that she is being held captive by a villain in his castle. Find a way to the castle by talking to local people and using the clues along the way, so he can rescue her. Good luck!

“The Big Little Quest” is a classic room based isometric adventure game. It uses simple controls and it’s easy to play. Don’t worry about saving the game, we automatically do this for you. And don’t worry about being killed, you will always resume the game in your last position with unlimited lives. We bring you peace of mind so you can always resume your game at any time you like.

– Relaxed paced game play.
– Unique music themes created especially for the game.
– Use your iPod music as background.
– Automatic left and right landscape mode.
– Three different modes to control the game.
– Works in any device with OS 3.0 onwards.

– We are planning to release new episodes in the future.

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