The bat lite

No shooting, no killing soldiers. Just a simple bat runs after his food. A very fast paced reflex game.
– Global high scores
– trophy system
– special combos to collect
The gameplay:
You have 30 (sometimes more) seconds to collect the butterflies and dragonflies. You have to collect a minimal amount to finish the level successfully. If you let too many bugs escape, you fail. If you catch the bugs, you win.
– Retro control system
You can only use the sides of the screen to move the bat. You tap the iphone on the left – the bat will fly there and eats all the bugs up on his way. You tap the iphone on the right – the bat flies back. You can move him up and down on the side, and also recall him back on the same side while he is flying.
– One life
– Instant death
– Enemy in watch/attack state
You have one enemy: The bird. Well, it’s an eagle but that’s just a bird isn’t it. He starts watching you quite often. Then, he starts to attack. If he catches you – you are dead. You can fly over him while he is just watching.
– speed trophy
– no escape trophy
– combo trophy
You can collect three trophies for each level. If you finish your target on time,you receive a speed trophy. If you catch nearly all bugs, you receive a no-escape trophy. If you collect a three bug combo, you receive a combo trophy
– RGB trophy
You have to collect three bugs. One red, one green and one black. In one row. Without flying to the trees to rest.

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