The Baffler!

Note: The Baffler! is for the iPad 2 and new iPad only.

Prepare for quite possibly the most unique jigsaw puzzle experience on the planet!

Based on renowned puzzlemaker Chris Yates’ whimsical hand-cut wooden designs, each Baffler will simultaneously delight and confound you.

There are fifteen puzzles here for folks of all tastes and abilities, from super-tough abstract multi-level Bafflers, to relaxing and adorable critter Bafflers (and just about everything in between)!

And if you wish, test your Baffler skills against the world (or yourself) with the timer and leaderboard features.

And stay tuned – we’ll be releasing lots more puzzles to test your puzzle skills.

Trust us, once you Baffle, you’re going to want more.

Lovingly created for you by Twenty Sided Planet & Chris Yates Studios.

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