The Avengers Trivia

A trivia game with questions pertaining to the Avengers movies.

Do you think you are a scholar when it comes to Avengers lore?

Do you have a need to show your friends that you know more about the Avengers’ universe than they do?

This game will allow players to test their knowledge of the Avengers movies while engaging in fun trivia.

Avengers Trivia offers several fun quizzes spread across three difficulties. Choose your difficulty and see if you measure up.

Tons of fun.

This is not an official Avengers trivia game nor is Hooks for Feet affiliated with the original movies’ developer(s) or publisher(s). All descriptions, characters, locations, and images of movie content used in this app are copyright to their respective owners and usage for this game falls within US Copyright law guidelines of “Fair Use” and equivalent in other jurisdictions. This game is intended purely for educational purposes.

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