The Atlantis HD Lite

Enter the journey of Atlantis once again! and carve some lost treasure out of the deep sea.

You might have played and loved some online games like these earlier. So for the lovers of Apple life here is another outrageous puzzle game The Atlantis.

Farewell time for all monotonous, adventurous and action packed games, since your iPhone brings you a completely new mindset of playing puzzle games. With very simple and easy to follow method of playing, The Atlantis truly wins your heart at the first attempt itself.

The basic objective of the game is to swap same sea elements with adjacent same elements to form a horizontal or vertical chain of identical elements. The chain should contain 3 or more identical sea elements to get eliminated. Bonus points are also given if the chain contains more than 3 elements or if it forms 2 separate chains in a single swap.
Now it’s time for you to explore and challenge your friends with high scores. Scoring will not be easy as it seems to increase the obsession and interest in the game.

Act now and download this amazing and challenging game.

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