The Assault HD

Fire on, Commander! Put on your boots and step on the mud and VICTORY in this World War! and do it MULTIPLAYER ONLINE!

Upgrade your units to take advantage of amazing advances in technology! Unlock new troops and upgrade their attributes! Watch your units transform as they level up!

√ Over 25 achievements through GameCenter
√ Bluetooth, Local WiFi and GameCenter global multiplayer with VoiceChat
√ World Class Art
√ Captivating Gameplay
√ Online Multiplayer
√ Intense Combat with fantastic animation
√ Choose from 6 countries — USA, EUR, RUS, JPN, CN and IRQ
√ 30 fantastic battle scenes in the world
√ 15 upgradeable technologies
√ 8 unique units each country
√ Tons of tactical combos
√ FREE updates with new missions, units, buildings, and more!

Found a bug? Tell us about it. Remember we can’t respond to your reviews, but we do read every email we get and respond to 90% of them. If you’ve got an issue with any of our games, we want to solve it.

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