The Animal Race

Animal race is a fantastic game for kids, containing all elements kids love in any type of game. ***** Top score reviews

Run against 5 other animals on different racetracks, unlock new colors to paint your animal, new animals and new courses.

– Unlock 7 colors including tiger skin
– Unlock 8 fantastic animals to control and race with
– Unlock 4 different race tracks with matching music for the track theme
– 8 different animal sounds that you hear during the race
– 4 different race tracks with matching music for the track theme
– Objects/hazards to avoid, jump up or down or you will lose time
– Eat special fruit during race to give animal super speed
– Win stars after the position in the race, 1- 5 stars
– Every 5 star unlock a new color, animal or race track

This game will give the kids hours of fun and you some peace of mind.

Amazing Race has been tested on kids and updated based on their feedback.

This is the one kid game you really should have. It’s fun and simple for the kids making it a great game.

Free version of the game contains 1 animal, 1 color and 1 racetrack. You can’t unlock anything.

We recommend you to buy the full version before letting the kids start playing or they will be sad when they can’t get the unlocked features. But please try it yourself to see how it works.


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