The Angry Billionaires

Fast furious finger action from XMG! You and your closest friends compete as Angry Billionaires with too much time and too much money. Now you and your Billionaire pals can see who is the best in the simplest of mini games. Do your best and then pass the device. Up to 8 people can play and race around the board to finish first. Choose your own Angry Billionaire then get ready for heart pounding, thumb mashing, mustache curling action!

Need a way to resolve a conflict? Want to prove your the best of the best? Rich, and want to show you got the dough? With more games then you can shake your diamond topped cane at, each play is a new experience.


* Tournament style game board!
* Head to Head game play!
* King of the Hill competitions!
* Hot Potato rounds!
* Hilarious cut scenes!
* Down right dapper artwork!

Perfect for a party, this game is sure to bring the best (and worst) out of everyone in the room.


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