The Angels Gateway

The Angel’s Gateway (TAG) is a non-violent video game based on the science of cognitive positive reinforcement.

The Player is invited to explore an Age, filled with different style mazes and labyrinths; where the goal of the game is to accumulate Angel Blessings and Positive Messages.

The Angel Blessings selected by the Player and hidden throughout the Age are rewards designed to provide the Player with positive energy and momentum for the duration of the day. Knowing that a Guardian Angel is providing protection through their specific Angel Blessing, enhances daily activities; whether it be school, work, or playtime with the family.

Collect up to 8 Angel Blessing by tapping on the rotating Angel Orbs. Once an Angel Blessing is found the Player can choose to save, email or send their Angel Blessings thus sharing the unique power of the blessing with others!

The Positive Messages, found by the Player throughout the Age, are designed to remind and invigorate the Player’s attitude about daily events and subsequent choices.

Collect up to 51 Positive Messages by tapping on the rotating TAG Orbs.

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