Texture Creator: Minecraft Edition

Well designed Minecraft Game Texture Creator, Quick create your unique & cool texture in your device! Hundreds of best selected templates! Create a whole new world for your Minecraft now!

* 200+ texture packs and items packs
* 20+ Mob packs with over 30 mob textures in each
* Download texture pack from any web-site as your own texture pack
* Create as many textures pack as you want
* Create a texture pack copied from a template or from scratch
* Copy, Undo, Redo, filter… full featured and powerful image editor
* Can Edit up to 256*256 HD image
* Export or Share your texture to anyone.

How to use this app? The first step is to tap “New Texture from Default” that copy a texture from default texture and put it into “My Texture”. Then we could edit the texture pack in “My Texture”. Or we could copy a texture from the ”Texture Template” and start to edit.

“Minecraft” is a trademark of Majong AB.

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