Textropolis is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Textropolis Hands-On

Ian Marsh, whose earlier game Scoops achieved cult hit status, emailed us about his latest project, Textropolis.

This is a globe-spanning word scramble game where you try to build four-letter (or longer) words out of city names. For instance, you start out with only one city available–Kingston–from which springs “king,” “kings,” “kins,” “tons,” and so on. A plane flies across the screen every time you spell a word with the dictionary definition, which is a neat touch.

After you successfully identify 10% of the city’s eligible words, a new city opens up. At the same time, the game keeps track of your total score via a “global population” number, which grows with every word you find. Shaking the iDevice gives you a hint, but takes away 1000 people.

We’ve played a bit of Textropolis, and while it’s nothing special, we think it’s a fun diversion for 99 cents.