Texas Hold'em Flash Cards

★★★★★ AS FEATURED IN POKER PRO MAGAZINE “GOTTA HAVE IT” COLUMN! 100% FREE tips and strategies for playing every single starting hand in Texas Hold’em. From the author of the soon to be released book “Starting Hands – Tips and Strategies for Playing Every Starting Hand In Texas Hold’em Poker.”

Did you know that Ace-Ten suited is a better starting hand and wins *twice as much money* as King-Queen Unsuited? You would know that if you had this app!

Sitting in the waiting room at the doctor’s office? Riding a bus? Waiting for a plane? Put that time to good use and learn how to play every possible starting hand in Texas Hold’em poker. With repeated use you’ll know exactly when to fold and when to hold’em!

Do you play in online poker rooms? With Texas Hold’em Flash Cards you can quickly find your starting hand, see advice based on position and the state of the pot and make the play. It’s like having a Texas Hold’em Starting Hand Chart on steroids!

Use this app as often as you can and you’ll soon be bellied up to a table at the World Series of Poker with a huge pile of chips or traveling on the World Poker Tour!


“Speed up your learning curve.” — Poker Pro Magazine.

Activate the Texas Hold’em Flash Cards Memorizer Quiz for only .99 more and you will quickly and easily memorize strategies for playing every starting hand from every table position in Limit and No Limit Texas Hold’em poker.

NO POKER SCHOOL, no poker book, no poker blog, no poker tutor, no poker coach, no poker software on the face of the Earth can do what Texas Hold’em Flash Cards Memorizer Quiz can do – help you memorize the ENTIRE basic Texas Hold’em starting hand chart in just a few hours of your spare time.

We’ve taken great care to develop the quiz logic for Texas Hold’em Flash Cards. Over time it will take you through every conceivable combination of starting hand, table position, and hand state. You’ll know how to play big pairs and small pairs, suited connectors and unsuited connectors, whether you’re in early position and no one has raised or you’re in the big blind and the pot has been raised and reraised.

Download the app and get the e-book “Starting Hands” FREE when you activate the Memorizer Quiz.


✔ Easily memorize advice for ALL Texas Hold’em starting hands
✔ Quiz yourself on Texas Hold’em starting hands
✔ More than 1,000 randomized situations
✔ Random hand selection
✔ Random table position (early, middle, late, small blind, big blind)
✔ Random hand state (unraised, raises, reraised)
✔ Also choose a starting hand and view advice
✔ Advice for Limit and No Limit Texas Hold’em
✔ Based on pot odds, showdown potential, and EV (expected value) statistics
✔ Great tool for winning at online poker
✔ Easy to use
✔ Intuitive user interface


✔ 13 Rules of Thumb for No Limit Texas Hold’em
✔ Limit vs. No Limit Texas Hold’em comparison
✔ Texas Hold’em Poker Terms Glossary

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