Texas Ask'Em Poker

Texas Ask’Em Poker – Poker with a Trivia Twist!

Be correct and faster than the rest to get the best starting cards.

Twist 1:
Texas Ask’Em Poker is Texas Hold’Em Poker except the players compete for the random starting cards by answering a multiple choice question.

Twist 2:
The results to the question are only shown at the end of the hand.

So this means you might get the best starting hand – but you actually don’t know for sure that you did!

How to Play?
1. Pick a table based on the topics asked at that table. Eg. Sports, Science, General Knowledge etc.
2. At the start of each hand – answer the question
3. Get your cards and just play regular Hold’Em!

This innovative poker game is a lot fun and guarantees something new in every hand!

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