Tetromino 3D

A falling tetromino game for the next generation! Pieces fall from the sky and you tilt the board to lock them into place in lines. Complete a line on any wall to make blocks disappear. Finish multiple lines at once to get a big bonus! Accrue points to unlock new looks for your pieces and new music to play to.

Other tetromino games too old and boring? Tetromino 3D lets you play at one paced speed or let the blocks speed up the more you play. Hone your accelerometer organizational skills! Mess up on one wall? Use another until you get the right piece or a bomb! Climb to the top of the Game Center Leaderboards. Collect all the Achievements. Challenge up to four of your friends to local multiplayer via Bluetooth or WiFi.

Works on: 3GS, 4, 4S, iPad, iPad2, iPod 3g and iPod 4g

NOTE: Tetromino and Humeware are not associated with Tetris or the Tetris Company in any way.

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