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Tetris Review

Ever since people have been able to play games on their mobile phones, Tetris has been the most popular of the bunch. It comes as no surprise that the game has been so successful on the App Store, rarely leaving the top of the charts since its release nearly two years ago. After spending some time with the iPhone version of the game, we can say that EA has created another great entry in their ever-popular franchise.

There are two modes included in Tetris for the iPhone. The first is a classic version of Tetris with 15 different rounds of varying difficulty. From the get-go, you can choose to start from any of the 15 levels. Some of the tricks to conquering this mode are learning to utilize the tetromino holder well and using the ghost piece to help you see where the block will fall (although the latter can be turned off).

A steelier, more aggressive Tetris.

What makes the touch-enabled version of Tetris so unique is its Magic mode. This mode adds five power-ups to the mix that make use of the iPhone’s touchscreen and accelerometer. A few examples of these include drawing in a tetromino, popping already placed tetrominos like bubble wrap, and tilting the phone to control balls of destruction. In order to earn the right to use these, you must clear enough lines.

The downside to Magic mode is that there is no stage selection. Once you die, you can pick up from the last round you were on, but we’d have rather been able to choose our round. Because of this, starting a new game will mean you’ll need to play through the first seven levels before reaching a point where you have all the power-ups available to you.

Even with this oversight, Tetris is certainly worth checking out. It’s one of the better implementations of the game we’ve seen, and even though it was an early title for the App Store, it still holds up well against newer apps.