Tetra3D – A 3D Game

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#1 Top free app in Mexico, Venzuela, Colombia and Peru
#1 Strategy game in over 20 countries including China!
Over 300,000 Downloads in One Week.
Best Tetris game on the appstore.

“The way the developer has created a successful, playable 3D Tetris of sorts is enough of an achievement to warrant a recommendation. It’s tricky to make a block-based puzzler that fully utilizes the third dimension while remaining fun and accessible, but Tetra3D achieves just that.” – Gamezebo

“Tetra3D is a great implementation of a simple twist on Tetris and worth picking up for fans of unusual puzzle titles.” – AppSpy

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Tetra3D , is a 3 Dimentional fun game that utilizes touch to build layers. Rotates the playing pieces horizontally and vertically and get your 3-dimensional senses working on overdrive

Features :
1. Rotate and view the plane from all dimensions
2. 9 rotations for each individual piece
3. Leadersboards

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