Clear the board by combining and reducing color tiles and learn about color addition and subtraction while you play.

As with any great casual game, Tesserae is simple to learn, but a challenge to master. Tesserae presents a large 7×9 board with 6 different board shapes and 3 levels of tile layout, allowing you to start easy and work up 18 levels of difficulty. With such versatile play and random tile layouts, the fun never ends.

Tesserae includes instructions, choice of board and layout, sound option and, best of all, the ability to undo your last move; just as you realize the move you should have made.

Tesserae has been played and loved on the Mac, Game Boy, Sega and PC for twenty years. Now, Tesserae comes to the iPhone and iPod touch with a great rendition you are sure to enjoy!

NEW: Tesserae now supports Game Center LeaderBoards, Achievements and social networking. Complete Novice, Apprentice and Master levels for Trophies and compete for top scores.

If you enjoy Tesserae, please write a review. If not, or if you’d like to offer a suggestion, please contact us. We’d love to hear from you!

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