Terrific Tattoo Art Designer

Become the Terrific Tattoo Art Designer in town and display your talent while your run the hottest tattoo parlor.
Clients with unique personalities and lifestyles will visit you and you have to get to know them well to choose the best tattoo design that suits them.
Enjoy a step by step process to create the body art in vogue. This will be in the form of mini games which will reward you with stars if your clients are pleased with your work.
Starting with answering the questions about your clients correctly, you will go through the steps of drawing, inking and coloring the tattoo. In the end you will be able to savor your fantastic creations in detail.
So it’s time now to draw out the tattoo gun and amaze everyone with your skills while you attain the rank of the ‘Terrific Tattoo Art Designer’

1. Unique clientele to serve
2. Variety of awesome tattoo designs
3. Step by step process to give a rich tattoo salon experience
4. Earn stars as reward for your work and attain higher ranks
5. Universal Game

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