TerraCraft, is a puzzle game that lets you craft objects using blocks of different materials (dirt, rock, wood, bronze, silver and gold) that you move around on a board.

Sit down for a small game time with TerraCraft and enjoy great retro graphics and music.

The game contains a wide variety of objects that can be crafted. For every new level you play, you will have new objects to discover.

Since version 1.1, Monster blocks can appear and will attack your score at intervals. You will need to craft specific objects (weapons) to attack them and armor objects (shields) to protect your score against their attacks.

An encyclopedia of blueprints can be accessed at any time to see which objects are available and their values.

Compete against others using OpenFeint’s leaderboards.

Gameplay video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k_X6Lq6MF4c

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