Terrables Free

Free, fast-paced shooter that’s terrably fun!

The Terrables are loose and destroying everything in their path. Each one of these creatures are wackier than the next! Take them down with an arsenal of weapons created by the craziest minds of universe and unlock more.

Terrables is a fast-paced arcade action game for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It’s a Monster-shooter with lots of special weapons & effects that add up to a crazy mix of strategy and mayhem!

* Unique monsters, each with different attacks and behaviours, all trying to get a piece of you! Can you find their weaknesses before you become monster chow?
* Unleash different weapons against the Terrables, and watch the fireworks fly! What are your best combos?
* Easy to learn – we’ve carefully paced it so no tutorials required! But don’t get cocky, coz it’ll kick your butt just when you think you’ve mastered each level!

Against the Terrables we shall battle
Incredible powers are ours to dabble
Secure the area for our landing
On a planet meant for our raiding
Fear not their bites and brambles
Our might demands cowardly flights and trembles

Check out our gameplay trailer:

Know more from the Terrables’ Book of Faces:


Follow the Terrables’ chirps and twits:


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