TengTengBall at anytime and anywhere~~~
Become player of the today and Boast to people around the world.
This is addictive game used only the accelerometer.

*Gameplay is very simple.
-Tilt your device from side to side.
-Turn the ball to the same color pan. then the ball swished through the pan and score up.
- Don’t lose concentration.

*Become best TengTengBall Player of the today
- Challenge today best score and become the cover player.
- First, submit your image to the gamecenter.
- Connect the gamecenter and start TengTengBall.
- Challenge today best score.
- If you obtain today best score, return the main scene and click TengTengBall.
- You and People around the world can see your image(submitted to the gamecenter).
- People around the world will envy you.

*Level up
- TengTengBall’s number of color and shape will be increased.