Temple Raid

Peace between the tribes is fading as the Shamans ask for larger and more impressive temples to be built for the spirits. Raid gold from other players to level up and purchase better bricks and idols. Build amazing temple structures and store your own gold safely.

Temple Raid is a casual physics multiplayer game that offers a new hybrid of turn-based and live gameplay. To build larger temples, you need to level up. Unlock bricks of different shapes and materials, even spirit idols, that protect you from other players. Raid your opponents from a slingshot in a tree. Try to crack their pots of gold. Whatever falls out is yours.

SLINGSHOT ACTION LIVE AND TURN-BASED. Find out how other players hide and protect their gold in uniquely designed fortresses. Shoot coconuts, rocks, or even grenades. Your objective is to crack or knock over their pots of gold. Challenge your friends, build a small protective structure, place your bet in a turn-based “Short Game”, and play to the last nugget. See everyone else on your map and even raid their massive main fortresses with heavy rocks and grenades.

BE THE ARCHITECT. Use our novel touch scheme to build impressive temple structures from individual bricks. Place your pots of gold where nobody can crack or knock them over. Level up to earn access to different kinds of building blocks made of wood or rock, or even place idols that punish your adversaries when disturbed. Always make sure your gold is protected well. It won’t take long until your wealth is spotted.

FREE GOLD FOR ALL. The spirits will gift you 10,000 gold once you complete the tutorial. Collect 1,000 gold as tax from your people every eight hours. Regular players get a bonus. Join the Shaman and consume a vision from the spirits, be rewarded with even more gold in your hands.

LEVEL UP ON ALL DEVICES. You can activate the use of iCloud in our game settings to add up level progress across all your devices. Turn-based matches will be accessible anywhere you go, challenge a friend on your iPad, claim their last nugget on the go with your iPhone. For everything else, two devices mean two maps: with twice as many temples to build, and with even two Gold Mines to exploit.

PLAY WITH YOUR FRIENDS. Turn-based games are most fun with your friends.

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