Telephone Chain Gang

Telephone Chain Gang is a unique word game that challenges your memorization and texting skills to the extreme!

You and your texting posse are looking to escape your bonds, but it will take clear communication and a coordinated effort to succeed. If everyone passes the coded message down the line correctly, then big points await you all. But even if just one of you makes a mistake, then it could be disaster for everybody.

TIP #1: Want to score big points? Go into “Gang Up” mode. You’ll be playing live with other people who are also trying to reach the highest levels of the game.

TIP #2: If you “Chain It,” that sentence will be sent back into the system for other players to receive. Each person who extends the chain correctly will keep earning you points, meaning you can score points continually while playing or even offline. If you want to earn a big one-time bonus just for yourself, “Make a Break” and end the chain. But beware the risk: if you’re incorrect, you’ll lose big points.

TIP #3: If you can chain at least three sentences in a row correctly with 25 or more seconds on the clock each time, you’ll enter Blitz Mode and be able to score bonus points!

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