Telepaty Trainer Free

Welcome to Trainer Telepaty: the door to show the true power of your mind.
This App has as its purpose the research and dissemination of highly innovative techniques for the mind.
Telepaty Trainer is enriched with practical elements that enhance learning: specific rhythms, ideas, etc.

Telepaty Trainer is a simplified version of the test of Zener cards, which consists in guessing the symbols drawn randomly from your iPhone, using a deck of 25 cards.
The innovation introduced by Telepaty Trainer consists of inserting the MULTIDIMENSIONAL SOUND 8 Hertz as stimulant of extra sensory perception.
The brain, subject to this frequency, will tend to synchronize and therefore to bring you to relaxed and meditative state.
This technique uses sound waves to resonate 8Hz which at the same frequency of the hippocampus in the brain and the Earth.

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