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★★★The classic gravity-based game “Teeter” is landing on AppStore now!★★★

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Teeter is an old and classic casual game. It is quite famous to each player and has a good reputation in G Market.Everybody likes it very much.

It is a gravity-based game, your goal is to control the movement of the small iron ball smoothly to the green hole, along the way, you need to use your wisdom, patience, and body coordination, cleverly to avoid shadows trap, iron plate, etc. The way is very difficult, in addition to overcoming obstacles, you need to pay attention to the acceleration and gravity of the ball, these will be a big block when you play a level.

We believe your ability, you will go through each level smoothly, now it’s time for you a shot!

-Fresh design
-Good user experience
-Easy and Funny
-Fast Reaction
-Simple and Elegant
-Adding levels often


If you’ve got things planned for today, don’t get this game!

Teeter is a toe curlingly addictive casual physics game that will literally have you on the edge of your seat.

The objective is simple : Stay on the plank for as long as you can!

Fantastic Graphics and a Great Tune to keep you coming back for more.


Beautiful Retina Display Graphics
Loads of Great Pick Ups to use
Bad Hazards to Impede your Journey
Great Soundtrack & Effects
Game Center Score Boards & Achievements

Teeter features loads of mad power-ups to help you survive those hazards and inevitable sticky situations. Collect up to 3 at one time and use them individually or alternatively combine their unique powers to keep you on the plank and really boost your score.

No one said it would be easy !
Teeter features a range of despicable hazards ready to rain down on you. Some are easier to avoid than others, but all of them will test you to the limit.

Wobbly plank not enough for you? Why not try and complete one or all of the in game achievements. Challenge your friends to see who can get them all first and show that you’re the real Teeter master.

If you’re new to Teeter or just having trouble getting started, short tutorials will help you get to grips with the main game play features so you know what to look out for and what to avoid!

Social Media
Post your high scores and achievements direct to Facebook or Twitter and let friends and family know how you’re getting on. Boast about your new high scores or achievements and watch as the challenges and comments come in. You’ll have your very own Teeter war going on!

Post your Teeter high scores and achievements to global leaderboards via Gamecenter.

Some Reviews

A Little Purple Ball of Joy! – This game is ‘teetering’ (tee hee) on brilliance. It’s really got the ‘balance’ (gaffaw!!) between being fun, simple, addictive and has great pick-up and playability. This game doesn’t try too hard to please, it’s a simple but clever idea done well – Markadoi

Great game! – Highly addictive and easy to play! Love it! Thanks – BigAde

Teeter is the most addictive game you’ll play this year so clear your schedule – Teeter is going to keep you busy for a while!

Enjoy !!