Teeter Ball

The twinkling starry sky disappeared. Stars are messy and dark. Now you are the hero who can save this beautiful starry sky. You just need to send the stars to the right position and make them twinkle again.

•at the beginning of each level, you could see the messy stars as well as their right positions;
•incline your iphone or itouch, send the stars to the right place;
•all stars are sent to their positions and you win;
•be careful to incline your devices, don’t be too quick;
•you could use the hammer to fix the stars in their right positions;
•you have to win each level during certain time;

Key Features:
•fantastic starry sky
•4 different kind of twinkling stars
•4 main levels and 80 challenging levels
•80 amazing pictures hiding in the starry sky
•charming music

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