Teeny Green

In Blob Star, you work your way through a series of challenging mazes and puzzles as Green, a brave little guy who needs to retrieve a stolen star. Guide him towards the magical star. Jump onto available platforms by tapping the target platform all the while planning out your next move. Keep away from enemy’s, they’ll eat you alive. Influence their next move to win.


“This puzzle game is unique and exciting to play” — APPADVICE.COM

“A diehard logic puzzle fan’s dream, Teeny Green adds something to the genre with its palpable and unyielding suspense.” — IFANZINE.COM

“Solid concept, tough without frustration. Polished, nice looking, good controls.” 86/100 — ARCADELIFE

“Teeny Green is a fantastic little game. With plenty of similarities to other iOS titles you’ll pick up the controls and gameplay within minutes.” 9/10 — APP-SCORE.COM


Check it out the trailer: http://youtu.be/Fg0jtLe9u7o

*) Gorgeous Retina Graphics (iPhone)
*) Different puzzle system
*) Neat and simple gameplay mechanics
*) 100 levels

Developed by PhenomStudios




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