Teddo’s Dream

Shhh. Teddo, the teddy bear is dreaming — about being an astronaut, an Olympian, flying in a hot air balloon, and even joining the circus! In Teddo’s dream, you need to join him on a magical adventure in outer space, escaping honey bees, or under the big tent flying through suspended hoops.

Kids play with Teddo, an actual plush teddy bear toy, that interacts with iPads and iPhones. Hold Teddo closely and jump together to capture stars in an alien space world. Or drive together and tilt the plush in various directions to avoid serpentine cars on a high-speed racetrack.

Teddo is wireless and talks to the app with a simple Bluetooth connection supported on iPhone 4S, 5+, along with iPad 2 and later version. You can purchase the cuddly plush along with lots of interactive plush toys to come at shop.greengoose.com.

Playing with Teddo is like no other app; it’s about physical play with real toys again — the ones of yesteryear. Worry less about screen-time when kids use active play to learn how to move and guide real toys in pure delight and joy!

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