Tawla (Backgammon game – Arabian Style)


This app. will keep you stuck in your chairs!!!

*** Live the authentic oriental experience with “Tawla” backgammon!!!

Tawla means “backgammon” in Arabic, it’s an easy-to-use application designed by oriental art experts, to revive the authentic experience of playing backgammon, with one of a kind rolling dice.


✓ New oriental board and checkers design

✓ Complete engine re-write

✓ 30+ Achievements and new Leaderboards

✓ iOS 6 ready

Tawla gives its players the chance, to spring up their backgammon skills against its AI opponents or any of your friends sharing one device. The AI player won’t cheat, but definitely will challenge your strategy under progressive levels of game difficulty.

✓ Stunning board with authentic oriental designs.

✓ Dice have a very natural feeling (shake dice and throw).
✓ Player Vs. player on the same device.
✓ 3 AI skill levels: 

• Easy

• Medium

• Hard

✓ ‘Toss’ – to pick who goes first in the game.

✓ Pick your starting color when playing against the computer.

✓ Ability to resume the game.

✓ Undo move from last dice roll.

Enjoy playing Tawla and feel free to share your ideas with us!


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