Tate’s Tiles – The Amazing Sliding Tile Puzzle

Tate’s Tiles is the last word in sliding tile puzzles with NUMBERS or LETTERS or a PHOTO.
Sharpen your wits with a 3×3, 4×4, or 5×5 puzzle.
Test your skills against a 6×6, 7×7, or 8×8 puzzle.
Rack your brain with a 9×9 or 10×10 puzzle – if you dare!
Master your skills with 11×11 up to 15×15 on your iPad.
*** INCLUDES 10 stunning photos.
*** Turn your favourite picture into a sliding tile puzzle!
*** Keeps track of your Games Played, Total Playing Time, and Top 10 Player Rankings for each Puzzle Type.
*** Times your game and counts the number of tile moves to solve the puzzle – challange your friends!
*** Got stuck? use the handy autosolver and watch the moves! You can even get a one-step hint if you are only a little bit stuck.
*** Generates solvable random tile patterns.
*** Optional Sound Effects for more dramatic play!

Download yours today!
Visit www.CylineaSoft.com and send us your thoughts.

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