Taronga Zoo – Monkey Mayhem

The “Taronga Zoo – Monkey Mayhem” iPhone application takes children and parents on an exciting Zoo adventure of learning and discovery at home or at Taronga Zoo. This new version has improved GPS locate me functionality to help visitors complete their zoo quest on their iPhone and also navigate their way around Taronga Zoo.

Meet Marley in “Taronga Zoo – Monkey Mayhem”. He’s been left in charge of Zoo HQ. Trouble is, the Monkeys have got in and really messed things up! They’ve lost pages from the Zoo manual and without this; no one at the Zoo knows what to do! Every page is meant to have a photo and important information about each animal. Help Marley get the Zoo Manual back together by following him around the Zoo to take new photos and find out amazing animals facts, while unlocking secret Keeper notes, videos and animal sounds!

An exciting interactive and educational game for anyone interested in animals or your next visit to Taronga Zoo.

How does it work at the Zoo?
Using the iPhones built-in camera and GPS, users can navigate their way around the Zoo via the interactive map taking photos and adding them to the right animal pages to unlock secret content! Icons for animals open these “Taronga Zoo Manual” pages with information, images and unlockable Keeper Notes, videos and animal sounds for each animal in the app.

How does it work at home?
To get to secret animal info at home, use the photos from your photo library or answer questions on each animal using the Taronga site.

Taronga Zoo illustrated map
Featured animal locations at Taronga Zoo
Featured animal information
Zoo News page

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About Taronga:
Taronga Zoo and Western Plains Zoo are part of the Taronga Conservations Society Australia and home to more than 3,500 animals. For more information, go to taronga.org.au

About the developer:
Nomad are a Sydney based mobile agency that specialise in strategic, design-led, mobile marketing solutions.
For more information, go to nomadagency.com.au or call us on 02 8917 7959.

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