TapTeach Baseball

–New Update 1.1–
TapTeach Baseball is now Universal. Get it for the iphone and ipod!

Thrilled to be a staff favorite on Oct 27th, 2011.

— Universal App Coming Soon, Just in time for Baseball Season!–
We will be working hard this offseason to deliver a universal TapTeach Baseball for your iPhone and iPad, as well as adding more games and achievements.

Baseball by TapTeachApps is a collection of four informative and interactive activities designed to teach your elementary aged child the rules of baseball in a fun and interactive manner.

*** FEATURES ***
– Four interactive modes designed to teach kids about the baseball basics including field locations, player positions, common baseball items, and a quiz to reinforce concepts learned throughout the app.

– Nine unique animal characters to help your child identify each baseball position.

– Dozens of sounds and voice recordings designed to bring the baseball stadium experience to your child.

– Easy to use navigation and drag and drop controls, each designed with your child in mind.

– Whimsical graphics to engage and aid learning.

– Unlockable achievement medals!


1. FIELD DISCOVERY. Tap and learn the names of important spots on a baseball diamond!

2. PLAYER POSITIONS. Correctly move and position your team to learn the basics and prepare for the big game!

3. FLASH CARDS. Learn the names of common baseball objects and tap the letters to learn how to spell the names!

4. BASEBALL QUIZ. Take what you’ve learned and answer a series of questions based on the field and player positions. Get all 9 correct and unlock a surprise!

TapTeachApps is a member of Moms with Apps, a collaborative group of family-friendly developers seeking to promote quality apps for kids and families.
Recommended Ages: (4-7,8-10)
Categories: Early Learning, Letters, Baseball, Sports

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