TapSum! [Free math game]

TapSum! is the latest craze in brain training games, and it’s totally free!

~ Will you become a speed addition freak!? Try a game of TapSum! ~

TapSum! is a free and simple addition game.
No registration required!
Tap numbers on 25 tiles that add up to the sum. Use all the tiles as fast as possible!
TapSum! is a very easy and simple game, but it takes time to master.
Register your highest score in the world rankings.
Compete against your friends!

** How to play **

1.Tap numbers displayed on the 25 tiles which add up to the sum.
2.The tiles are cleared as you choose the correct answer.
3.Use all the tiles as fast as possible.
4.Register your high score and compete for the world ranking!

** TapSum! Features **

– Easy and simple game play, but you must practice to master TapSum!
– Free to play!
– Awesome sound effects.
– Takes only a few minutes to play!
– Improves your math skills, plus your reflexes and judgment ability.

Download and prove your skills on TapSum!

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