TapQuest II

Tap Quest is a new adventure-RPG especially made on and for the iPhone/iPod Touch. Tap your party of Knights, Archers, and Mages through a fantasy world in search of the crystals of power. Kill bad guys, find keys, and explore different terrains including deserts, forests, mountains, and more.

** Game Manual **

— Story —

It has been 8 years since the evil warlock Savaros stole the crystals of power and hid them throughout the land. Fed up with living under the tyrant, you leave home in search of the crystals, hoping to regain that which was lost.

Each crystal is hidden in a different quest. Find the hidden crystal in each quest until you have enough power to defeat the evil Savaros and lift the veil of evil from the land.

— Actions —

– Select characters one by one by tapping on them. Select a group of characters by dragging your finger across the screen to form a selection box.
– Tap on bad guys to attack.
– Tap on the sides of the screen to travel to different areas in the map (kinda like the old NES Zelda game).

— Stores, Inns, and Portals —

– Stores: Stores can be found throughout the land and are marked by a door with a potion on it. You can buy items there.
– Inns: Inns can be found throughout the land and are marked by a door with a bed on it. Stay a night at the inn to completely restore the health of everyone in your party. Staying in the inn will also revive swooned party members.
– Portals: Portals teleport you to different areas in a map. They are marked by black squares in the game.

— In Game Items —

– Bombs: You can obtain bombs by picking them up in game or buying them in a store. Use bombs to blow up enemies, destroy obstructions, and reveal secret items or entrances in the game.
– Blue Potions: Use a blue potion to completely heal all members of your party.
– Red Potions: Use a red potions to rain a shower of fireballs upon your enemies.
– Keys: Use keys to open locked doors. Any key will open any locked door.
– Hearts: Pick up a heart to partially restore the health of all the members of your party.
– Gold and Treasure: Gold and treasure can be obtained from slain enemies or found hidden throughout the game. Use it to buy items in stores.

— Character Classes —

Armor – Good
Strength – Good
Speed – Good
Attack Rate – Medium
Attack Range – Hand to hand combat only

Armor – Poor
Strength – Poor
Speed – Medium
Attack Rate – Good
Attack Range – Good

Armor – Medium
Strength – Good
Speed – Medium
Attack Rate – Poor
Attack Range: Medium

— Game Tips —
– The number of hidden keys in a quest is always equal to the number of locked doors in a quest.
– Keep your knight in front since he can sustain more damage due to his heavy armor.
– When a party member loses all of their health, they become swooned and you can no longer use them in the quest. They can be revived by starting a new quest, or staying at an inn.
– If all of your members become swooned, you will lose half of your gold and be forced to start the quest over again.
– Kill every bad guy you encounter. Every kill increases your experience which leads to level ups. When you level up your party members, it increases their speed, attack strength, attack rate, armor, and attack range.
– Don’t forget to use your potions!
– Try and pick off enemies one at a time. A wounded enemy does just as much damage as a enemy with perfect health.

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