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Tap Tap Radiation Review

If you own an iPhone, chances are you probably have some version of Tap Tap Revenge already on your phone. Since the early days of the App Store, Tapulous has produced an impressive collection of music rhythm games, pleasing the tastes of rock, dance, and pop fans alike. Tap Tap Radiation is their newest concoction developed exclusively for the iPad, and like everyone else, we were eager to see if this is the same ol’ formula, or something special.

It’s full of stars!

Upon launching Tap Tap Radiation, it’s readily apparent that this is a completely new game. With the added screen real estate, Tapolous has taken the time to develop a new way to tap out notes. Gone are the straight three-lane note tracks we’ve all become used to over the years. Now, there are three floating orbs that you tap as notes fly into view from all over the place.

Though it takes some getting used to, we’re smitten by this new way to play. Besides the fact that the game becomes much more interesting and challenging, Tap Tap Radiation feels like its own game instead of a blatant Guitar Hero clone.

Supplementing the new gameplay mechanics are some amazing new graphics. Using a beautiful space-like backdrop, the notes fly in and tapping them causes little sonic-booms that fill the entire screen up with fireworks. Racking up enough consecutive notes makes a 16x point multiplier appear, and triggering that lights the screen up with an extra level of nebulous flourishes. Enough can’t be said for how amazing Tap Tap Radiation looks.

From the first time you boot it up, there are a handful of songs that are available. Except for Mos Def, the lineup here appears to primarily feature indie artists. A few dozen songs are available as free downloads, but the good stuff from world-class artists like Lady Gaga and DJ Guetta will cost ya. Tap Tap Radiation is a free download, so we didn’t think the $2.99 pricepoint for six Lady Gaga songs, for example, was too bad of a value.

We’re going Gaga.

Even though Tap Tap Radiation is an iPad launch game, it is disappointing to see some no-brainer features not make the cut. There are no online community features, leaderboards, or multiplayer at all. Considering how well the Revenge games integrated that stuff, we’re bummed they didn’t make the cut.

With no career modes or progressive single player to speak of, Tap Tap Radiation is simply an exercise, albeit very fun, of playing songs without a purpose. We have also experienced some sporadic game crashes while downloading new songs.

The Tap Tap Revenge games show a clear track record of Tapolous being committed to updating their games, so it’s not a stretch to suggest that the game we’re all playing now will be very different a few months down the road. At the bargain price of free, Tap Tap Radiation is definitely worth your time. Not only is this game a great new twist on the genre, but we think Tap Tap Radiation is a very compelling showpiece for the potential of the iPad as a gaming platform.