Tap Tap Halloween

“Ghosts and Witches,
And creatures of fright,
Don’t miss the call
Of Halloween night.

Come one, come all,
With your treats of the season
If you miss this bash
‘tis an act of treason!”

You are cordially invited to attend and be a part of the Halloween game of the season! Introducing Tap Tap Halloween: tasty treats, haunted houses, and ghouls galore!

Take care of your secret Halloween treat factory, located in the desolate backyard of your very own haunted house! Sort out the assortment of Halloween treats, and make sure they’re being delivered in the right numbers! We all like our candies, treats, and delicacies in place for the big Halloween feast, and the performance of your little treat factory is of utmost importance!

As you sort out numerous incoming treats, newer, tastier and more complex orders will come your way!

The witch’s cauldron concoctions have given you access to a host of interesting power-ups, however, the grim reaper has his eye on your progress!

So what’re you waiting for? Put on that Witch’s attire, enjoy this festive satire, revel in a few treats, the score is now yours to beat!

• Endless treat-tapping!
• 4 delicious Power-ups!
• Keep an eye out for the ‘Golden Treat’!
• Provides mental exercise with an arcade feel!
• Easy to learn (tough to master) one-touch gameplay
• Optimized for the iPhone, iTouch and the iPad!
• Share your scores on Facebook and Twitter
• Game Center and Heyzap enabled: challenge your friends and compete on Leaderboards!

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(c) Playcaso 2012


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