Tap Play: Star Controller – Lite

Tap Play is a uniquely customisable game controller, designed for MMORPG’s but compatible with most games. Connect to your computer by wifi, setup your customisation options (keybinds, button positions etc) and away you go!

★★Important – please download and read the manual, and server, from www.clarkeapps.com- this will explain how to set the app up★★

★★★★If our website is down please visit http://www.mediafire.com/?7t8svhufdaabw or http://www.clarkeapps.shorturl.com for alternative download links ★★★★

★★There is a video guide to setting up the app on the FAQ page also★★

**Lite Version Restrictions**
The Lite version does not allow you to store your setup information, the full version does.
The full version contains skins for additional games.

For fans of World of Warcraft, Star Trek Online, Lord of the Rings Online, or any other MMORPG – Tap Play: Star Controller is the ultimate way to play your favourite MMORPG games using your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. Simply connect the app to your computer and away you go.

With complete customisation! Now you can choose from other 250 different key combinations for each button, simply pick the setup that works best for you, and if you’re on an iPad, reposition the keys to where you want them! The most customisable game controller on the App Store!

Which Keys can I use?
All Alphabet (A-Z) keys
All number (0-9) keys
All F Keys F1-F12
[ ] ; \ ‘ \ , . / – = Tab Return Space
Arrow Keys

In addition you can use these keys in combination with Alt, Shift and Control (e.g. Control + Space)
Check out our YouTube video to see it in action –


Download the app and the small desktop server and within minutes you’ll be using your iOS Device to crusade against evil, soar through space, take part in daring raids or navigate the worlds and galaxies ahead off you! This app gives you a way to immerse yourself fully into your game world possessing both fantasy and science fiction skins you can play either the role of a mystical hero or a starship captain – the choice is yours!

Setup Instruction:
User Manual with full connection instructions at www.clarkeapps.com/downloads

*If you experience any connection issues it is advised to open port 5583 on any firewalls, to both devices – more detailed troubleshooting is available at our website.*

*If you experience WiFi connection issues please check the following apple support document
http://support.apple.com/kb/TS3304 this is an issue on some first gen iPads and can happen with many networking apps. Star Controller Lite is available to try before you buy*

If you work on a Mac we advise opening the desktop server first for a more reliable connection.

*We also suggest enabling the ‘chase’ camera mode if using the iPod/iPhone app to fly in Space, you’ll find it makes following your ship a lot easier!*

System Requirements: Microsoft Windows XP or higher, or Intel Mac OS X 10.5 or higher, wireless network.
Please note that running software within virtual environments such as Wine, VMWare or Virtual PC is not supported at this time.

E-mail support: clarkeapps@gmail.com
FAQ: www.clarkeapps.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Clarke-Apps/127629210616540?ref=search
Twitter: www.twitter.com/clarkeapps

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