Tap Master I

************ !! Note, due to cocoslive going down, the global high scores currently do not work! ************

“A very, very addictive game. Each mode is different enough to keep things interesting… A very friendly game for non-gamers… It’s the full package! 4.5 Stars.”
– AverageApper.com

Tap Master is the ultimate test of your reflex, timing, and dexterity. Think you have the best reflexes? PROVE IT!

Tap Master features FIVE different game modes, each posing a unique challenge for your reflexes and sense of timing. Tap Master also features 25 achievements, local and global leaderboards, an experience and leveling system, and the ability to post your scores on Facebook.

Summary of Game Modes:
1. Precision Mode: how close can you stop the timer to 1.000000 seconds? Yes, that’s millionths of a second!
2. Sprint Mode: how many times can you tap in 10 seconds?
3. Reflex Mode: how quick is your reaction time?
4. Twitch Mode: how quickly can you tap twice?
5. Ascension Mode: how high can you get the timer by hitting the target value? For pros only!

Tap Master is THE definitive test of your reflexes, timing, and dexterity. Ready to compete with your friends and challenge the world? Tap Master awaits!

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