Tap deLight

Tap the Light for a sweet puzzle deLight! Get ready for the most innovative puzzle game in years!

Lead a moth-like bug-in-love to his sweetheart. Turn on the lights to draw him towards the goal but beware of the many dangers! Only your wits will allow you to safely guide our hero through the treacherous jungle, an endless desert and the frozen wasteland, not to mention a world made entirely of sweets!

Come for beautiful graphics and catchy music, stay for fresh gameplay and mind-bending puzzles. Make the game easier with unlockable power-ups or rise to the challenge by fulfilling optional objectives. Play it your way and find out why there’s no delight like Tap deLight!

> Innovative gameplay based on a fresh concept!
> Perfect difficulty curve to assure smooth experience!
> Retina graphics and Game Center achievements!
> Hollywood-grade animated cutscenes!
> Dozens of levels across four different worlds!
> Four playable characters!
> Optional challenges in every stage!
> Much, much more!

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