Tap Bingo

Tap Bingo is a bingo game.
If the card to which the figure of 1 to 25 is written is bet the medal, and five figures stand in a row in diagonal length and breadth, it becomes going up, and it becomes a high magnification early.

It is possible to bet on four cards or less by the game’s beginning with START, and doing each card in the tap.
The center has been fixed from the beginning to the bet card.
The unit bet with a button left under the screen is specified, and all of the four pieces are bet with a central button.

The game begins with the START button in the right of the screen.
The figure is pulled one by one by doing the screen the tap. When five figures queue up, it becomes going up.
12 figures in all are pulled.

The next game is continued by shaking the main body when ending and doing by one game.
It returns to the title screen when the screen is shaken while done in the tap.
The medal is replenished when the possession medal becomes less than ten and it returns to the title.

[medalplay] can be logged in by doing LOG IN in the tap on the title screen.
Please input the registered name and the password and tap [connect] with the account of [medalplay].
Please tap [create new] after the registered name and the password are decided and it inputs it when it is not possession. A new account is made.

[medalplay(http://chaba.sakura.ne.jp/medals/menu.php)] is offering the medal game style game of the video arcade. The account made in Tap Bingo can be used with medalplay.
Service and the registration data etc. of [medalplay] might be deleted and be changed without a previous notice.

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