Tap A Fish for iPad

Welcome to Tap a Fish tank! You have been tasked with upholding order in your own pocket sized aquarium. You must keep your fish from starving and protect them from the tank-invading monsters. If you’re lucky – your fish will drop coins for you to collect and spend on strategic upgrades to improve your own tank eco-system! If that’s not keeping you busy enough, head on over to the store and spend your pearls on customizing your aquarium with attractive artifacts ranging from treasure boxes and skulls to windmills and castles!

. 10 exciting and fun-filled levels for you to explore

. Absolutely free entertainment for the first 5 levels

. Simple and interactive interface

. Colorful and vivid graphics. Including a HD version!

. Kid-friendly and suitable for all ages

. Practice session to help you learn and play even better

. The most exciting fish aquarium & strategy based online game yet!

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