Tap 2K

The game that everyone is talking about, Tap 2K – a mixture of strategy and luck! A simple grid of 9 numbers, and the goal is to Tap as many as you can. Start by tapping any button, then the next button needs to be the same color or number. (Like Uno!) We give you 100 Credits to start. Can you get up to 1,000? Ten thousand? We challenge you to do so. Each game cost 25 credits, but you get 1 credit (or more) for each successful tap. Use a WILD when there are no more moves, or if you mess up, an UNDO will be your best friend. At the beginning of the game, you’ll receive 1 WILD and 1 UNDO if you don’t have one already.

• includes iAds! (because iAds are awesome)
• Earn Credits with every tap
• Free & Paid WILDs
• Highly addictive game play
• Fun for all ages

Your 5 Star ratings help continue development and please send us your feature requests @ http://www.bimzagames.com.

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