TanZen HD

Rating: 4+

TanZen HD is a game from Little White Bear Studios, LLC, originally released 9th April, 2010


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TanZen HD Review

Even with heaps of convoluted puzzle concepts floating around the App Store, one of the most intriguing has always been tangrams. While the concept is simple– all you’re doing is fitting shapes into an outline– people of all ages instantly recognize how to play through intuition. TanZen adds nothing new to this formula, but the production values make it a great game to relax with.

Every tangram in TanZen is solved using two small triangles, two large triangles, a medium triangle, a square, and a thin rhombus. The shapes can’t overlap and must cover the entire outline. A ring on the outside allows the player to rotate each piece, and you can double-tap the shape to flip it. With more screen space at your disposal, it’s much easier to work with each piece.

The house that tangrams built.

If at any time you get stuck, double-tapping on an empty part of the screen highlights where a piece should fit, and each level allows for two hints. This is usually enough to help you complete a puzzle with ease.

TanZen HD includes over 500 levels broken into groups of 15. Completing a set unlocks a new skin for the shapes, like a new color or design. You can also change the background, selecting from five different textures. If the developer’s track record with the iPhone version shows us anything, we can plan on seeing even more extras through content updates.

Shape your destiny.

Due to the nature of tangrams, the puzzles can become easy through constant repetition, even as they grow more challenging towards the end. That said, we always wanted to keep going to see what the next unlockable theme would be. TanZen HD offers a great value for your money, especially if you enjoy these kinds of puzzles.