Alert! Alert! Alert!

Navigate your Stella Tank to the ends of the solar system by moving through live alien minefields and other obstacles. Can you reach the Safe Pad and conquer all the minefields that lay before you?

TankATron takes you back to an era of your childhood, where flashing lights, cool sound effects and putting in another coin into the arcade machine was a magic moment.

TankATron features a unique atmosphere effect , where the player can choose to add real arcade sounds and effects to the game. You will think you had gone back in time to your favorite amusement arcade and you’ll love the addictive game play that TankATron features.

The game features touch activated controls, which are hidden on screen until you touch the screen in certain places. Please see the ‘How To Play’ link on the main menu screen.

I love arcade games and wanted to create something not seen before and create a retro looking arcade game from the 1970’s/early 80’s.

Take on dangerous alien hordes and rescue the stranded astronauts in this great looking retro arcade game…you’ll love it for its simplistic graphics and game play.

Retro is back…welcome to the arcade game ‘TankATron’

Check out TankATron on my You Tube link:

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