Tank-O-Mania: War of Wonders

The World is Your Battleground!

Tank-O-Mania is an arcade style action shooter in which you operate a tank to liberate famous cities of the world from enemy takeover.

Tank-O-Mania puts you in the middle of a world war, you will be sent to missions in the USA, Italy, Egypt, India, China and Brazil! Save the world powers from evil takeover by killing every enemy.

Game Play Features

✓ 24 Levels of Play within 6 Countries
✓ Save World Wonders including the Statue of Liberty, Great China Wall, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Taj Mahal and Sphinx
✓ 5 different Weapons including Mines, Grenades and Rockets
✓ Call Friendly Helicopter for Air Strike
✓ 30+ types of Enemies with Unique A.I.
✓ 5 Power Ups including Invisible Mode, Freeze Enemy, Extra Lives and more

Game Design Features

✓ Classic Arcade Joystick as well as Accelerometer based control
✓ Strategical Level Designs
✓ Dazzling Graphics of World Wonders and Realistic Cities
✓ Thundering Battleground Music and Sounds Effects
✓ Game Center Support, Compete with World for Leadership


✓ Avoid the game if you are afraid of war and action!
✓ Playing Tank-O-Mania is Insanely Addictive!
✓ Easy to Control, Hard to Master!

We’re Social

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✓ Like Tank-O-Mania on Facebook: http://facebook.com/tankomania
✓ Subscribe for Videos Preview: http://youtube.com/tankomania
✓ Mail us at mail@iphonetankgame.com
✓ Game Center Leaderboard

Upcoming free upgrades with more tanks and new cities to play.

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